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stackable lounge

Stackable Lounge #I-149

spacerI-151 stackable lounge with arms

Stackable Lounge with Arms #I-151


Stackable Chair #I-50

spacer7.5 ft market umbrella

7.5ft Fiberglass Rib Umbrella

Stackable Chaise Lounge

Stackable Chaise Lounge #820

Features offset rail and extra bracing in seat area.

spacerStackable Chair

Stackable Chair #800-B and 42" dia. Fiberglass Dining table #842-F.

Set is umbrella compatible. Acrylic Table Top is available. Please note our orginal bracing design construction.

Stackable Clubchair

Stackable Clubchair #800-B

Our original Braced Design

Our original Braced Designspacer spacer
Bar Stool

Bar Stool #870 and Bar Height Table #836BH-F with Fiberglass Table Top.

A great complement to the deck.

spacerDouble Chair with 10.5

Double Chair with 10.5" x 19" Acrylic Table #800-DBT

Easy Reader

Crescent Craft's own Easy Reader #820-H ( 1996)

Perfect for lying back to read in any position.

spacerEasy Reader

Rocker #800-R (1996)

Stackable Sand Chair

Stackable Sand Chair #802-A and 18" Acrylic Side Table #818-A.

Fiberglass Table Top available. Concrete Umbrella Weight approx. 70 lbs.

spacerFlat Arm Sled Base Stack Chair

Flat Arm Sled Base Stack Chair #801 and 42" dia. Acrylic Table #842-A.

Set is umbrella compatible. Fiberglass Table Top available.